Go For Yours

Numbers 27:4 (NRSV)- Why should the name of our father be taken away from his clan because he had no son? Give to us a possession among our father’s brothers.”

In 1980’s Brooklyn, a popular street phrase was “Go for Yours.” In other words, when you can seize what you want, you go for it.

Well, long before the fly girls of Brooklyn coined the phrase, the Daughters of Zelophehad exemplified the concept by challenging the status quo and demanding an inheritance that rightfully belonged to them: a birthright traditionally granted to sons alone.  How ironic that their story is chronicled in the book of Numbers, and yet, as women, they did not count.

Can you see them? Five bodacious women, showing up without invitation to create their own space at the Tent of Meeting, and demanding to be heard.  If this is as TIME magazine states, the “Year of the Silence-Breaker,” then it’s time to consider where your voice needs to be heard. Where is God requiring you to show up? It’s time to seize the opportunities set before you, without reservation or invitation!

Show up, and request the promotion that belongs to you!

Show up, and demand the commitment you deserve!

Show up, and claim the birthright that is no longer exclusive to sons, but belong to you beautiful and bodacious daughter of God!

It’s time to GO FOR YOURS!