shepreaches is happy to provide toolkits for the practical work of doing ministry to, for and with Black millennial women in ministry. These toolkits include insights and action items for liturgical curation, theological reflection, professional development and more. The purposes of our toolkits is to guide Black millennial women in ministry through their vocational journeys, empower congregations to create spaces for Black women in ministry to actualize their callings are you interested in partnering with shepreaches, and to provide resources for further theological reflection and professional development.

Are you utilizing our toolkits in your personal journey or gathered communities? are you interested in partnering with shepreaches to create toolkits? If there is anything we can do to assist or partner with you, please contact us. 

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shepreaches Good Friday Liturgical Curation

There is a craft to finding just the right spirits and elements to form a cohesive, life-giving worship service. Download our free guide below to learn how we have designed Good Friday liturgical experiences across the country.