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currently, we are in the process of shifting gears … dramatically. in 2012, we started out as an online magazine. today, we are working on building a professional development organization for African-American millennial women in ministry.


imagine a network of young women who are passionate about prophetic ministry. they are imaginative, creative and bold. they take risks. however, rather than competition, they crave sisterhood. they desire to learn from one another, to share resources and exchange wisdom. they imagine new ways to preach, whether in the church or not. they are convinced of the power of their work and their witness. they are persuaded by the Gospel of love and justice, the Gospel of Jesus.


this is who we are. this is the circle that we are attempting to draw.


please join us in the work.


our site is being (professionally!) redesigned to reflect our new goals and mission. we’ll be live in February 2015. in the meantime, please feel free to drop me a line at


in love,

rev. neichelle guidry jones



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